Escalating cyber threats in an online world

Jul 01, 2016

You are likely well aware that businesses are increasing their expenditures on cloud services. And with that, anywhere accessible is the new normal, whether to reach customers, engage with partners, or run internal operations. But maybe you didn’t know that consumers over the age of 55 have been the fastest growing age group in terms of personal time online. For cyber thieves and hackers, this "business plus consumer" online world is their oyster; the opportunities to inflict pain and to profit are immense.

The reality is that online and cloud are here to stay, and so are a multitude of cyber threats. But if you are behind the times in your knowledge on cyber threats, taking countermeasures will be a shot in the dark, or at minimum, incomplete—locking the door but leaving the windows open. In a pair of upcoming Webinars, Akamai and Frost & Sullivan will expand your cyber threat understanding. Please join us!  

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Michael Suby


As Stratecast’s Vice President of Research in Frost & Sullivan, Mr. Suby engages with his seasoned team of analysts and business strategists in defining research direction and in delivering impactful customer interactions. Leveraging a 15-year analyst career, Mr. Suby maintains thought-leader presence in cyber security, particularly in Mega Trend topics that crossover into the churning world of digital transformation. Mr. Suby has a Master’s degree in Economics and a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Economics.

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