Infograph on Cloud Video Conferencing - "How Cloud is Changing the Video Conferencing Equation"

Dec 23, 2015

Video conferencing has become a vital communications tool for users looking for instant, productive and rich personal communications to get work done faster and better. The old complex and expensive hardware-centric approach to video conferencing is out. Cloud video conferencing services are ushering in a profound evolution. They level the playing field so companies of all sizes, not just the ones with deep pockets, can roll out video conferencing for all employees at low costs with zero operational headaches.

According to recent research from Frost & Sullivan, cloud video conferencing represents the fastest growth segment in the $7.6 billion global conferencing services industry with a 22.2% CAGR (2014-2019). A new set of disruptive cloud video conferencing services is evolving to serve users with simpler, more reliable, and low-cost solutions, extending the reach of technology and spurring mass adoption.

Click here for the complete white paper on "How Cloud is Changing the Video Conferencing Equation: Act Now to Gain a Competitive Advantage


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