Plantronics Continues to Enrich its Software-as-a-Service Offering to Complement its Leading Professional Headset Portfolio

Sep 27, 2017


Since the initial launch of Plantronics Manager Pro v3.0 in July 2014, Plantronics has continued enhancing the features and capabilities of its flagship Software-as-a-Service offering. Today, Plantronics Manager Pro does not only allow for businesses to efficiently manage their Plantronics communications devices, but also provides intelligent insights about headset deployment and usage, as well as conversation and acoustic analysis.

With solutions such as Plantronics Manager Pro, business decision makers are enabled to efficiently collect and analyze broader business data to derive actionable insights about people, usage, performance anomalies, trends and more.

Adding onto its ever-growing analytical modules, the latest release of Plantronics Manager Pro v3.10 allows developers to create their own customized business applications, via unrestricted access to APIs; extends all four analysis  suites (Asset, Usage, Conversation and Acoustic analysis) to select Plantronics wireless Bluetooth headsets, identifying audio issues related to wireless connections; and considerably enhances contact center analytics capabilities. Plantronics also revealed they’ll have more news coming in early October related to extending the ability to capture analytics  even further for contact center environments.

Available in 143 countries as an annual or a three-year subscription service, Plantronics Manager Pro is being used and offered by a growing number of businesses and resellers, including CloudAssist, in Ireland; Murphy Pipe & Civil in Australia and New Zealand; and Globe Systems in Denmark, among others.

Plantronics has been undergoing a significant business metamorphosis as it focuses its strategies on new market opportunities beyond its robust headset business. Today, the leading professional headset vendor is increasingly betting on software, analytics, and soundscaping, in line with evolving workspace requirements and as part of its corporate transformation. 

Advancements in software development and cloud architectures are driving a profound shift toward communications technology delivered as a service. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery models will gradually gain traction driven by cloud-based communications and customer demand for OPEX technology consumption models.

The continued feature and capability enhancements in Plantronics Manager Pro software subscription portfolio clearly signal the company’s unwavering commitment to richer data analytics, empowering line-of-business leaders and IT administrators with actionable insights to further improve their business performance.   

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