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Frost & Sullivan

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Jeff leverages his expertise in analytics and the Internet of Things/Internet of Anything (IoT/IoAT) to enhance business operations and results. 100% Solutions has named Jeff a leading Big Data Influencer. Jeff has held director-level roles on the product side with ADC Telecommunications (now TE Connectivity) and  in the research & consulting industry (in addition to Stratecast). He has launched and managed 20 products, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, M&A, and capital, and has worked for or with five startups. He helped grow CommTech from a $10MM to a $25MM company that was acquired by ADC for $185.5MM; and helped Visionael crack key verticals with wins at Comcast and The Pentagon, then win $30MM in funding. Jeff is a Rackspace Cloud University Certified Professional. He has 50+ personal branded Web venues and a Klout score in the 60s.

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