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Moratorium on IoT-enabled Toys, Monitors, Until Strict Security Standards are Imposed

The dangers of IoT connected consumer devices, especially toys and monitors are so great that governments must step in with sales moratoriums until tough new security standards are developed and are in place.
My colleague, Principal Analyst Nancy Jamison recently Tweeted a BBC article about a disturbing trend in children’s toys and that is their being connected to the Internet (the Int…

GM, Toyota, and Target: Easier to do “The Wrong Thing” on Safety and Security?

Why do companies find it easier to cover up mistakes rather than preventing then, detecting them early on, and taking action, and taking full responsibility, and are extreme measures needed to break this behavior pattern?
Categories Tags It never ceases to amaze me how much more effort companies seem to make in reacting to covering up, blameshifting, and recovering from errors of their own crea…